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Your quick and simple resource for classic & vintage NSU scooters & parts available worldwide for all models manufactured during the 20th century.

In 1950 NSU commenced production of the NSU Lambretta under licence from Innocenti, when the licence expired in 1956 NSU manufactured their own version called the NSU Prima.

Early NSU scooters were distributed mainly in Europe, but in 1957 NSU started to export the Prima to USA. There is a healthy network of owners clubs from where you may be able to source both machines & spares, but do check Ebay in the various countries shown below, you never know what may turn up!! Failing that, please do not hesitate to e.mail us - we may just have the contact you need.

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Can't find the NSU scooter you want or parts that you need?

We have been sourcing difficult and rare parts for our clients through our network of specialist classic scooter parts dealers and enthusiasts worldwide since 2006 & boast an excellent record for finding even the most obscure parts for the most obscure scooters!!

Whether you are looking for just one small part or a complete donor machine we will find it for you and send you a price quote with no obligation to buy.

E.mail us with the make, year & engine size of the scooter & parts required. If you can supply us with the chassis number & engine number, plus photos of the parts to be replaced, all the better. We will check availability through our contacts & get back to you very soon. 


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Scooter / Motorcycle Lifts / Benches

For anyone who maintains or restores a motorbike or scooter one of these is almost an essential piece of equipment as they are easily set up in a garage or shed & make the job of working on a scooter a great deal easier.

Available not only for the professionals, but also for domestic scooter enthusiast who can inspect and repair their own machine. With prices being remarkably low for such a useful item why not treat yourself & save all that sitting on a cold floor & all the aches & pains that go with it!!

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1951 NSU Lambretta


1951 NSU Lambretta

Engine Sizes:

1950 to 54 - 125cc

1954 to 56 - 146cc

Year First Manufactured: 1950

Other Info:

The early examples had a single cylinder two stroke engine with a three speed transmission operated by a twistgrip on the handlebars & electric starter.

Various non Lambretta embellishments were added mainly to the side panels which helped distinguish it from the Innocenti models.

1957 NSU Prima D


NSU Prima D

Engine Size:

1956 - 60 - 146cc

Year First Manufactured: 1956

Other Info:

After the Innocenti licence expired NSU manufactured their own version which they named the NSU Prima.

Apart from a few cosmetic changes this model was basically the same as the previous ones & stayed in production until 1960.

1957 NSU Prima V & III


NSU Prima V

Engine Sizes:

Model V 1957 / 64 - 175cc

Model III - 1957 / 64 - 146cc

Year First Manufactured: 1957

Other Info:

The Prima V now with some styling changes looked less like Lambrettas & took on their own identity.

Both the V & III were fitted with a 4 speed transmission controlled by a foot pedal instead of a twistgrip.

In 1958 the III K also became available, which was the same as the others apart from the fact it had a kickstart.


Classic NSU Scooters

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