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The BSA Sunbeam with a 250cc four stroke engine was first introduced in 1958. Apart from the colours available this model was exactly the same as the Triumph Tigress. Production of these models continued until 1964 / 65 when Triumph decided they were not good for their image as a motorcycle manufacturer.

Sold mainly in the UK, these machines & parts are quite rare now, although it is worth a search now & again through the various Ebay sites in different countries to see if something turns up. If you have trouble finding what you are looking for you can send us details of your requirements - we may just have a contact for you.

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Can't find the BSA Sunbeam or parts that you need?

We have been sourcing difficult and rare parts for our clients through our network of specialist classic scooter parts dealers and enthusiasts worldwide since 2006 & boast an excellent record for finding even the most obscure parts for the most obscure scooters!!

Whether you are looking for just one small part or a complete donor scooter we will find it for you and send you a price quote with no obligation to buy.

E.mail us with the make, year & engine size of the scooter & parts required. If you can supply us with the chassis number & engine number, plus photos of the parts to be replaced, all the better. We will check availability through our contacts & get back to you very soon.    E.mail:

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BSA Sunbeam scooter for sale UK - BSA Sunbeam scooter spares USA - BSA Sunbeam 250cc Twin - BSA Sunbeam 175cc 2T

BSA Sunbeam Scooter Identification & Information

BSA Sunbeam Scooters


BSA Sunbeam Scooters

Engine Sizes:

250cc & 175cc

Year First Manufactured: 1960

Other Info:

The BSA Sunbeam was available with a 250 cc four-stroke twin (10 hp) or 175 cc two-stroke single-cylinder engine (7,5 hp) & both were air cooled.

A 4 speed gearbox was operated by a foot operated pedal on the floor.

Being relatively light in weight the 250cc version would reach 70mph & return a fuel consumption of around 120 miles per gallon.

There were only two colours available as standard - opalescent green & a red / cream combination.

The 250 cc four-stroke model was discontinued in 1964 & the 175 cc two-stroke model in 1965.

The BSA Sunbeam was a badge engineered version of the Triumph Tigress & only differed in terms of the colours available & the badging.

To see more info vehicle / parts listings & photos for the Triumph Tigress, click HERE


BSA Sunbeam Scooters

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